The Ruth Law Team Past Comments, Reviews and Testimonials

We really want you to know how hard we’ll work on your behalf, how important our 35 years of experience are, and that we provide the highest standard of legal skill with our goal always being to give every client the very best representation and legal guidance possible. But don’t just take it from us…read what our clients have to say. The following are all documented quotes shared by clients of the Ruth Law Team with their permission. We have signed documentation and authorization from each client on file in our office, per Florida Bar regulations.

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[gdlr_quote align=”center”]…I appreciate how much the firm did not only with my case, but also getting the settlement proceeds as fast as they did. Great Representation!! Herbert L., Port Richey, 8/27/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Your services were excellent. You went above and beyond the call of duty. Everyone was kind and courteous. Dan W., Tampa, 8/19/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I enjoyed your services. I think you were fair and I trust you. Maime S., St. Petersburg, 8/17/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The law firm was extremely professional and helpful during a difficult time. They made the process as easy as possible. They were friendly and made things easy to understand. Traci S, Tierra Verde, 8/13/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Best service I’ve ever had. Thanks., Ricardo G., St. Petersburg, 8/7/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Amy did a good job, I was satisfied with the settlement and I am happy with the results. Colin C., Temple Terrace, 8/5/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Austin was GREAT!! I don’t know how he put up with me! THANKS!! Marilyn D., St. Petersburg, 7/28/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The services were quick and painless and everyone was friendly and on time with the settlement. I would definitely use them again. Tisha P, Wesley Chapel, 7/24/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was beyond satisfied. I will recommend Jessica to any and everyone. I never had to wait for an answer. I was always updated on all my information on my case. I was never left guessing. I was very pleased with my case from beginning to end. I thank the whole B & R Team for everything. Thank you. Jessica M., Oldsmar, 7/22/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”][The firm] is a very professional law firm with help and services 7 days a week. I was always advised what to do and what was best for myself and my case. I would recommend such exquisite service to anyone. Jazmine H., Miami, 7/20/15 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Eric was so helpful. He made me feel more comfortable throughout the process. I am so happy that we chose [them]. Karah H., Seminole, 7/16/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was very happy to have Jessica on my case. She was awesome and I’m very pleased. Tonya F., New Port Richey, 7/15/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Thank you to the…team for walking me through every step of the process and fighting the insurance company for me. A great team that obtained a great result on my behalf. Lezlie W., Palm Harbor, 7/8/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]100% Satisfied. I would never consider another firm — Ever. Darryl K., New Port Richey, 7/8/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The entire team…was extremely helpful during this entire process. I will continue to recommend them in the future. Kenneth D., Wesley Chapel 7/7/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was very satisfied with the services given. Eric and Nicole were amazing and really looked out for us! Thank you sooo much! Jordan D., Wesley Chapel, 7/7/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I am very happy that we were able to settle out of court and to settle so quickly. Kimberly H., St. Petersburg, 6/30/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Very Satisfied 🙂 Arrived within hours of the accident. Very attentive. Quick to return phone calls and always kept us updated on the process. Finally, all was done on my end in the comfort of my own home (ie, paperwork) Heather V., Riverview, 6/24/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The amount of professionalism of everyone involved was fantastic. Thank you for the hard work. Garrett V., Riverview, 6/24/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The…Law Team was very helpful. Love you guys!  Richard S., Spring Hill, 6/24/15[/gdlr_quote][gdlr_quote align=”center”][The firm] did a very good job. Amy Catledge did a good job. Wayne S., Seminole, 6/18/2015[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was very satisfied with [their] representation. Carlos’ responses to email and communication were very helpful. Thank you to Jessica and Carlos for a great job and for fighting the insurance company on my behalf to achieve a great result. Mark G., New Port Richey, 6/18/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Very satisfied with the outcome of my case. Thank you. Chad R., St. Pete, 6/8/2015[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Thank you for all your service. We feel we got justice. The… Law Team was very professional. Miguel A., Bradenton, 6/3/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica was very good and took the time I needed handling my case.[They] have been great! Tia M., Dunedin, 6/3/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]They were a great help with everything. Amy V., New Port Richey, 5/28/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I’ve been very pleased with the service from [the firm], especially Amy Catledge’s expert help. I’m so thankful for all that Amy has done and is still doing for me. Thank you. Sue S., Clearwater, 5/27/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I found the law firm and associates very helpful and I would surely recommend them to anyone. Ishmael D., Lecanto, 5/26/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Thank you to Jessica Shahady, Carlos and the entire … Law Team. They really fought for me and did not give up when the insurance company was treating me unfairly. I appreciate their hard work and zealous representation. I had a great outcome to my case because of all of their efforts. Michael K., Tampa, 5/18/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The services with Amy were excellent! Kelly O., St. Pete 5/15/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica is very good. She made me feel like everything was going to work out alright. The wait is always a hard thing to cope with. Thomas C., Seminole 5/14/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Great Job. Thank you for helping and looking out for me. Dennis B, St. Pete 5/7/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Thanks for your outstanding service!! I do appreciate you guys for staying on top of things!!. Fermin M., St Petersburg, 4/17/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Great Services. Kept patient with contacting me and handling my cases until I was satisfied… Easy to deal with and easy to communicate with. Bethany B., Winter Haven, 4/16/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”][The firm] was great. I will recommend [them] to my friends and family. Onaja S., St. Pete, 4/16/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica, Carlos and the entire…Law Team was excellent. They kept me informed throughout my entire cases and fought for me. They achieved a great result for me and I appreciate all of their hard work. I will recommend […the] Law Team to my friends and family. Delores R., Tampa 3/25/15 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica has been very helpful in the process of my case. I appreciate her work and the result. Robert C, New Port Richey, 3/25/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]My case was very difficult.  The attorneys and staff did a great job resolving my case on the eve of trial.  I would not have gotten this recovery without the…Law Team. Mindy G., St. Petersburg, 3/11/15[/gdlr_quote][gdlr_quote align=”center”]Very Very Happy with [the firm] and their service. Barbara P., Tampa, 2/17/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The…Law Team did their job and they were very good to me. If I had to use them again, I would. I will tell my friends to use them too. Johnny V., Largo, 2/16/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Everything was so easy.  All I had to do was wait.  Amy took care of everything! Michael M., New Port Richey, 2/13/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]This is the second time I have needed help from the…Law Team. Eric handled both of my cases and did a great job! He got me way more than I would have with another firm. I would recommend the…Law Team to all of my friends and family. Lisa M., Seminole 1/30/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”][The firm] represented me in a case. I am very happy with them. They were kind, very smart and really cared about me as a person, not a number. I will always refer them to others. This is a respectful and caring firm. I thank them for all they have done for me. Jeanette J., Seminole 1/27/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The…Law Team was awesome. They really fought for me and my rights. I will recommend Eric and the…Law Team to anyone who needs help! Jacquiline A., Tampa, 1/15/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I am very happy and pleased with the professionalism of Jessica. I will certainly recommend her and [the law firm] to others. Roy M., St. Petersburg 1/13/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Everyone was very professional and timely. Amy P., Zephyrhills, 1/12/15[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I appreciate everything Jessica and Carlos did for me. I got more than I expected. Jaime P., Port Richey 12/18/14[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica has been diligent in every way, shape and form. We appreciate her and the firm for representing us. Thank you., Noni S., St. Petersburg 12/19/14[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Very satisfied. Accommodated as necessary. Friendly. Donna S., St. Pete 12/15/14[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Everyone was very helpful to resolve this matter very quickly. Donald B., Largo 12/12/14 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Very satisfied with the service.. Effective, timely and informative. Joyce S., St. Petersburg 12/11/14 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]They did an excellent job helping me. John M., St Pete 12/9/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Eric always made me feel comfortable. I felt I was a priority. He was willing to talk me through all my concerns and answer all of my questions directly and honestly. I don’t feel I could have found a better attorney to help me through this tough time. Christina C., Clearwater 12/9/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The process was lengthy, but I was guided step-by-step through it, as I had absolutely no clue what to do. I appreciated returned e-mails and calls. Thanks. Mary, St. Pete, 12/5/14 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]You were very courteous and respectful and always kept me informed on how my case was progressing and was done in a timely manner. If had to do it again I would choose [the law firm] time and time again. I would like to thank you very much. Eric N., Largo, 12/5/14 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”] I was very satisfied with [their] services. The team that worked my case was very nice, considerate, honest, friendly and concerned for me. I remember something Eric said. He said “the opposing insurance company was being ‘greedy’ and he wasn’t going for it.” and I noticed the expression on his face was serious. And Austin was very helpful to me about the deposition. He carefully went over it with me prior to the real one with the other insurance lawyer… Please believe that I’m overly appreciative to you for what you’ve done for me. Honestly, Thank you many times over. Virginia B., Tampa 11-25-14[/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I would in every way recommend Eric. He has had my back since day one, all the way through this stressful and difficult time. He’s the most true – honest person I have met in my life. Thank you! Jeff F., Holiday, 11/22/14 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Couldn’t have found a better group to work with. William D., Tampa, 11/21/14 [/gdlr_quote]
[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Great at Communication. Attentive to your needs and wishes. Local. Superlative Team. Winona B. Clearwater 11/20/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Very Satisfied. Quick process, very professional. Angela A., Davenport 11/13/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Amy was very professional, pleasant and helpful. Nice to have her as our rep. Very Helpful. Judith M., Hudson 10/21/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Attorney Jessica Shahady, Carlos and the entire [law] team were excellent. They kept me informed through the entire process. I recommend their services. Adel G., Tampa 10/21/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Service was very good and good people. Elizabeth H., Apollo Beach, 10/17/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Service received from Jessica Shahady and her team was great and they kept me updated with information. Thank you. Michelle D., Clearwater 10/10/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] I was very satisfied with the…Law Team. They kept me apprised of the status of my case and worked very hard for a reasonable outcome. I would recommend the law firm to anyone. 10/2/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Eric was very professional, courteous and easy to work with. I would recommend Eric to anyone needing legal services. -Sherri R., Wesley Chapel 9/26/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] I am pleased with the follow up and the outcome of my case. I would recommend their services to any of my family members. -Eduardo C., Tampa 9/8/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] I am very satisfied with [the firm]. They took care of everything from the day of the accident through final compensation. Thank you for your help. – Marcos G., Clearwater, 8/28/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Very professional and received the personal attention of a small firm but the knowledge and backing of a large firm. Very thankful I used [them]. I will use them again if needed. – Brad W., Clearwater, 8/27/14[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Very Satisfied. I entered into this situation very lost, not knowing what to do. After a couple of months with you guys, I got Jessica and Carlos. And since then, its been constant communication. I know what’s going on with my best interest on the line. I felt like she truly cared for my situation. Karen L., St. Petersburg, 8/21/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] Handled my case in a manner which put me at ease at every step. Thank you. -Idelle B, Largo 8/8/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] I can’t express how much you have done for me, especially Amy. If anything ever happens again, I will be sure to come back to you. You have made me feel very comfortable.You guys are great. – Atina W, St. Petersburg, 8/7/14[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”] I’m only 49 years of age and I never thought I would need an attorney but it happened. So Happy I found [this firm]! They took care of me like I was family! Great firm, great people. I would like to thank you from my heart — I would happily recommend [them]. I had no idea I would be treated so well & with excellent results! God Bless [the entire firm] ! Thank you! Morris C., Lake Alfred, 6/26/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Strongly recommend — Jessica was extremely nice and helpful. Delorice R., Largo, 8/7/14 [/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica was very kind to me but very aggressive with the insurance company. I received much more money by hiring her and [this law firm] than I would have had I handled the case on my own. I rejected the insurance company’s initial offer, and Jessica got me ten times as much a week before trial. I am so glad I made the decision to hire [them]. They had multiple attorneys and paralegals working on my case at all times. – Seth P., Largo, 4/16/14[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”][The] Law Firm was fabulous, patient, and on top of everything very quickly. – Carrie P 3/28/14[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was so scared after I got into my accident. I trusted the…Law Team to help me. The lawyers and staff took my case to trial and settled my case for a great settlement on the courthouse steps. If you want a law firm who will aggressively and passionately represent you, the…Law Team is the firm for you. – Robert R. 2/13/14[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]My husband and I feel very fortunate that we were represented by [this] law firm. When our case moved to litigation, we were introduced to Eric Roslansky. Immediately we both felt confidential that Eric was the right lawyer to represent us. Eric explained each step of the many procedures. He prepared us for the depositions, supported me through out, and encouraged me to remain calm and positive. He returned our phone calls and emails in a truly timely fashion. He was respectful at all times. During the mediation process, Eric explained all the options to us. He pointed out that ultimately the decision was ours to make. He would represent and support us in whatever we decided. With Eric’s outstanding negotiation skills, we settled. Tom and I appreciate everything Eric was able to do for us. We would highly recommend [this firm], and Eric would be the lawyer we would recommend to work with! Thank you. – Susan and Tom K. 12/31/13[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Jessica and the entire [law firm] staff were excellent to work with and recommend their services! – Matthew K. 12-31-13[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Eric went above and beyond to help me through the process and made every effort to get me the settlement I deserved It was a painless process considering the pain I suffered after the accident. I will definitely refer any friends and family to Eric if they are in an accident. – Farrah N. 12-20-13[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Eric is very honest and very fair and helped us through a very difficult time in our lives. – Lorraine L. 12-19-13[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Ms. Shahady was wonderful. She helped us and our family was extremely satisfied with her services. – Venecia D. 12-12-13[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Since I retired and moved here in Florida back in ’96, the first thing I remember were the news with captioning done by [this firm]. I am very pleased to inform that all the lawyers and staff are extremely pleasant people. Know this: the money will never replace my health but knowing [this law firm] can and will help others in their needs.[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was very pleased with your services. No complaints at all. I was informed initially as to what would take place, and if there were any changes I would be informed. Bottom line: great company![/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”][The law firm] did a great job to help us all the way through the trial in our case.[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]The service I received from [this firm] was outstanding. They kept me informed at all times, and helped me to navigate through a very difficult time. I am very pleased with them, and would recommend them to anyone in the future. – Brandie W. 10-15-13[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]Eric was very prompt and intelligent. He took care of issues quickly. I will definitely, if needed, use his services again. The staff was always friendly and returned all calls. And he is my favorite lawyer![/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I was very happy that I chose [this] law firm to help me after my accident. The attorneys and staff always answered by questions and returned my calls. I hope that I don’t get in another accident, but if I do I will use [them] again. – Steve M.[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]I am very satisfied with the team… If needed I will be back for legal advice. – Tracy F.[/gdlr_quote]

[gdlr_quote align=”center”]We felt so secure with you and your firm. The combination of strength and empathy was just what we needed. – Lisa O.[/gdlr_quote]

Prospective clients may not obtain the same or similar results.