Congress passed a law that all vehicles manufactured after September 1, 1998 must be equipped with airbags on both sides of the front seat. Airbags were designed to be instantaneously deployed at the time of impact to lessen the severity of the injuries to the occupants. Today vehicles are manufactured with airbags all throughout the passenger cabins. An airbag is designed to deploy when a certain sensor is activated by a collision. Unfortunately, airbags sometimes do not deploy – or oftentimes we see that the sensors were not in the proper place to detect a collision – often leading to severe injury. If you were injured as a result of an airbag that did not deploy you may be entitled to compensation. Being able to inspect the vehicle immediately often leads to crucial evidence.

Furthermore, if your airbag failed to deploy during a collision, it may be due to a faulty and recalled ignition switch by GM.  If your ignition switch was not repaired prior to your accident and you drove one of the following vehicles, you may be entitled to compensation.

• Chevrolet Cobalt (Model Years 2005-2007)

• Chevrolet HHR (Model Years 2006-2007)

• Daewoo G2X (Model Year 2007)

• Opel/Vauxhall GT (Model Year 2007)

• Pontiac G4 (Model Years 2005-2006)

• Pontiac G5 (Model Year 2007)

• Pontiac Pursuit (Model Years 2005-2006)

• Pontiac Solstice (Model Years 2006-2007)

• Saturn Ion (Model Years 2003-2007)

• Saturn Sky (Model Year 2007)


Service Part Vehicles (Ignition Switch was Replaced by a Dealer or Independent Service Center with an Ignition Switch bearing Part Number 10392423)

• Chevrolet Cobalt (Model Years 2008-2010)

• Chevrolet HHR (Model Years 2008-2011)

• Daewoo G2X (Model Years 2008-2009)

• Opel/Vauxhall GT (Model Years 2008-2010)

• Pontiac G5 (Model Years 2008-2010)

• Pontiac Solstice (Model Years 2008-2010)

• Saturn Sky (Model Years 2008-2010)

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