“How do I get a rental car?”

If the other driver is at-fault and his/her insurance company accepts liability, then the at-fault driver’s insurance company should provide you with a rental vehicle during the time your vehicle is being repaired or until you receive a check for the value of the vehicle.  An issue can sometimes arise when the other driver’s insurance does not accept liability.  The other driver’s insurance company has a right to do an investigation to ensure that their insured is actually at-fault.  If you need a rental vehicle during this time frame, you can either contact your own insurance company and see if you have rental coverage, or you can pay for a rental vehicle out-of-pocket and submit the receipts to the at-fault driver’s insurance company when they accept liability.  If your vehicle is damaged and unusable and you cannot afford to rent a vehicle on your own, you may be entitled to loss-of-use compensation from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.